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The Public Affairs Department is comprised of our Public Affairs Officers, the Silent Witness Coordinator, and the Public Affairs & Government Relations Director. Our department is the front-line resource for all things public and community relations related. Our mission is to provide honest and transparent communications and engagement with our residents, but in doing so by stressing the importance of listening to you as well. We don’t want to keep to “Just the facts ma’am”.

Our team, under the direction of Sheriff David Rhodes wants to change the traditional mode of one-way communication - from our office to the community - to a two-way dialogue where your thoughts, concerns, and interests are brought to us for follow-up. Our Public Affairs Officers are the community liaisons for the Sheriff, and part of their job is to keep in close contact with the community and neighborhood groups so Sheriff Rhodes can stay up to date on the issues of importance to residents.

Our department has four functions: Media Relations, Public Affairs and Community Relations, Community Engagement, and Government Affairs.

Meet your Public Affairs and Government Relations Team

Photo of Public Affairs and Government Relations Team
Left to Right: Heidi Howard, Kristin Greene, Laura Bauer

Kristin Greene Bio

I am the Public Affairs and Government Relations Director. I discovered at an early age a passion for the idea of developing policies that benefit the public. I now have over 25 years' experience that includes federal, state, and local lobbying, public policy development and analysis, regulatory issue research and resolution, media relations, crisis management and initiative campaigns. I particularly enjoy finding a solution to a client’s problem in the detail that requires deep dive research – the type that most people won’t bother with, but where the unique solutions lie. I can also recite the whole Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song. Look out Will Smith...

Heidi Howard Bio

I am a Public Affairs Officer for the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office. Having grown up in the Prescott area and spending the past 10 years heavily involved in many facets of local Real Estate, Heidi’s interpersonal skills enhance YCSO’s effort to deliver up-to-date, relevant information to the community with energy and efficiency. You may not recognize me on the rare occasion I am without my daughter and dog - we are typically traveling as a pack - or what I playfully deem “The Circus”.

Laura Bauer Bio

I am a Public Affairs Officer with 10 years military experience in the fields of photography, videography, journalism, media and public relations. I am a Thomas Jefferson award recipient for journalism, and my photos have been published internationally on book and magazine covers. I have the greatest respect for our law enforcement officers, and I am honored to be working for them. I love what I do, because I get to experience everyone else's job for a day, and I don't have to clean up afterward!

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Kristin Greene, PAGR Director

Heidi Howard, PAO West

Laura Bauer, PAO East

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