The Business Watch program is a major component of the Sheriff’s Office Crime Prevention Program. It is based on the “Neighborhood Watch” program, neighbors watching out for each other. A key component of our program is the e-mail alert system. When something happens to a business directly or in the general area of a business we send out the information for all members to be aware, i.e.

  1. This could be a stabbing in the alley behind a shopping area.
  2. A credit card phishing scam.
  3. Business burglary in a defined area.

Business is asked to fill out a form with information that is pertinent for department use. In addition to the business name, address and phone number we also gather owner’s information, e-mail addresses and cell phone numbers, and a secondary contact. We also ask for hour of operations.

Once the application is received a copy is held at Crime Prevention and a copy is available in Dispatch. A window or door sticker is then placed on or near the main entrance to that business so a patrol officer can spot the sticker from his vehicle and call dispatch.

Within the Business Watch program is the application for enforcement of the “No Trespass” ordinance. A simple form that gives the police officer that ability to arrest for trespass on behalf of the property owner, manager or renter.

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